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Wright On

Florida Times-Union reporter Michael C. Wright covers the ins and outs of the Jacksonville Jaguars. In this blog, he'll share behind-the-scenes anecdotes not published within the pages of the T-U, in addition to offering up incessant ramblings about nothing such as road trips, crummy hotels and not-so-delicious press box food. Perhaps he'll even delve into serious discussions about NFL issues. So ask questions, participate in conversations, or just learn more about the Jags.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Leftwich still searching for work

Former Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich is still looking for work and he says he's lost 25 pounds through his training regimen in South Florida.


Leftwich's situation is pretty interesting and definitely worth getting into. I've called and left messages and texted Leftwich several times since he was released. But he never replies. Part of that is Leftwich doesn't want to say anything about the team or the city that would be deemed controversial. So in a way, he's being classy about this.

Not to stir up another Leftwich vs. David Garrard debate, but I've always wondered how Byron would've played had he been the starter in last year's season opener. Would he have struggled as badly as he did in the preseason? After all, Byron was kind of known as a "gamer."

Anyway, I will say that I've always thought Byron was a good, honorable man. Almost every day in the locker room, we'd go back and forth critiquing movies - or second-guessing the ending to "The Departed" or some other flick out there.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Top 3 Jaguars in team history

Sorry for the huge gap between blogs. This sort of happens once the season is over and vacation time rolls around. For the most part, I'm still vacationing. The problem is that I've still got to get my football fix in. I'm no different than any other fan in that respect.

Anyway, I snuck away from wifey for a few minutes and read an interesting answer in a Q&A session http://www.charlotte.com/qna/forum/scott_fowler/index.html about the two greatest Carolina Panthers of all time. Since the franchises are so similar, I figured you guys could chime in with what you think are the greatest Jaguars of all time.

By the way, I'm thinking about going deep sea fishing (I've never been) on one of these party boats out of Mayport. Being a Texan, I don't know much about saltwater fishing. So I'm halfway afraid that I won't know what I'm catching. Does anybody have tips? Will I get seasick? Is there a way of avoiding this? Perhaps some of the local fishing gurus can help me out on this one.